TIAF 2021

Installation Arts

House of a Bird’s House

by Eden Cawang

To visualize the bird’s house as an art display and colorful ways of expressing art.

“Colors of Culture” of my Cordillera arts gives more meaning to younger generations that denotes stronger expression of the so called multi-cultural mixture of tribes. Those colors derived from its own original cultural colors which envisions that more colors means more life and same with art.


Heads Up! (Faces of Plandemic)

by Lily V. Castillo

“In this installation, I decided to put up different facial expressions of human heads. I dedicate this to all who are affected by this plandemic scamdemic season. I think this art will somehow affect those who will be able to see it. It looks like creepy, and will feed their curiousity about it.”


Heaven’s Tears/Almost There

by Gretta Apolinar

The installation is meant to represent how precious rain that falls from the skies is. However, the droplets never seem to search the ground because of climate change.

When viewed from afar, the entire installation seems to simulate curtains of raindrops and serve as a reminder of how beautiful heaven’s tears are. Upon closer inspection, a viewer will realize that these “droplets” cannot be reached. The viewer can only strive to reacch for them just as the ground yearns for water from the skies.

Like the unreachable “raindrops”, nature’s beauty should be viewed at a distance and would be better left untouched.