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Tam-awan Village in Pinsao Proper, Baguio City uniquely blends indigenous aesthetics and exquisite Cordilleran craftsmanship with an artist’s concept for a village adapting to Baguio setting.
Chanum Foundation, Inc., founded in 1998, began to reconstruct Ifugao houses in Baguio with the view of making a model village accessible to people who have not had the chance to travel to the Cordillera interior.

On a land near an abundant spring, the foundation started out with three knocked-down huts transported from Bangaan, Ifugao. Tam-awan village now has seven Ifugao huts and two Kalinga houses.

The human spirit is truly indomitable and it is during these times that we still find hope and inspiration in living. The world of art and culture has not just been a source of solace, but a flame that keeps our inner fires burning.

With grateful hearts we welcome you to the 11th Tam-awan International Arts Festival, a thanksgiving event in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Department of Tourism- Cordillera Administrative Region Office , Baguio City Tourism Office – City Government of Baguio, the City of Baguio, and the Province of Benguet. We dedicate October 6-10, 2021, with the theme Grand Cañao: A Thanksgiving for the Gift of Culture and Arts”.

We would like to remind everyone to follow the health protocols and guidelines implemented to ensure everyone’s safety and health.

*Videography by Clinton Aniversario

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In celebration of life and living, we present the works of artists from all over the Philippines as well as the world.

The recent times may have proven to be quite a challenge, but the human spirit has proven to be indomitable.

They say hope burns eternal in the human heart and we believe artists will continue to be vassals of culture. Those who work with their hands and hearts will continue to remind us that we must not only be grateful, but must also thrive in a world filled with inspiration.