The Challenge

In the world of contemporary art and an ever-changing society faced with multitudes of socio political and economic issues, indigenous knowledge is at risk of being forgotten and on the road to extinction, many artists create works in response to those challenges and it is their ultimate expression of creative freedom and proclamation of their new-age wisdom.

Hapit di Aammod

Hapit di Aammod translates to “voice of the ancestors” in Tuwali, an indigenous language spoken in Ifugao. Art is a very powerful tool to preserve visual records of time and experiences and it is a visual aid for people to see the world in different and innovative ways, thus, art is a mighty vehicle that can transport ideas and wisdom of cultures with long histories to the current generation.


It is important to note that despite of the fast modernization, there are many lessons that will be found in the past, and works that speak the tongue of indigenous wisdom against the challenges we are facing today, will create a huge impact that can catalyze change.


Ongoing Exhibits