Tam-awan Village
Cordillera Huts


Room or Modern Hut


per person / day


2 per person / day


10 pax or more / day

Tam-awan in the local idiom means “vantage point,” an appropriate name for a collection of Cordillera Huts that sit on a hillside that affords visitors a magnificent view of the South China Sea on a clear day.

Tam-awan Village is a small community of huts that is preserved and maintained by cordilleran artist. Rent one of the native hut to feel how our ancestor’s lived before.
Each hut is the original hut that came from different provinces of the Cordillera. It’s a must see and new experience for travelers to discover.

Beddings and towels are provided.
Toiletries should be provided by lodgers.

* Meals (Reservation Required)


A hut named Agape which means a higher form of love.

  • Private Bathroom
  • One Double Deck Bed


Upper Class Kalinga Hut: ca. 1923

Th Binayon (Finaryon) or The Traditional Octagon House.

This hut was found in Luccong, Butbut, Kalinga. This house is one of the three surviving binayon houses in Butbot area. The Binayon, a generation ago was considered as a dwelling place for the rich Kalinga  and the square houses are less aristocratic.

  • Common Cr
  • Two Queen Beds


Ifugao Hut: ca. 1937

The Fertility Hut is where a married couple resides after a year of inability to produce a child.

The shaman performs a ritual offering to the male and female bulols. The couple will then stay in the hut for a month. If after this period expires and still they are unable to produce a child, the man has the right to  find another woman, although marriage is still in effect.

The cycle is repeated and then the woman may now find another man. The purpose of which is to determine who among the couple is infertile.

  • Private Bathroom


  • Private Bathroom
  • One Queen Bed One Double Deck