About Me

Mia Ferl “Pa Nim Dim” Salvador

Visual Artist and Body Piercer


When she was younger, she started painting female portraits with watercolour while in elementary because she was inspired by her aunt’s beautiful landscape paintings that she saw, her art journey started there until it became her life.

Mia Ferl S.B. Salvador, born in 2000, January 6th, was an Architecture student in University of Baguio for one year (2018) and now a third year Fine Arts Student in Tarlac State University (2019 up to now).  In 2019, Mia found herself in Tam-Awan village through her closest friend in college where she went as an architect student and was referred by this close friend with one of Tam-Awan’s Artist, Francis Alingcayon. From there her path changed, realizes her true purpose and life and that is her passion in Art. Being in college in other place and at the same time artist in Tam-Awan village is hard, it is not expected to study in Tarlac but it is where she was destined to be in, but she didn’t leave being an artist in Tam-Awan village and still doing her best to participate in the group. It has become a part of her life, for her passion lights up in the group and they are always there to support. Also, in 2020, Mia and her business partner Lea Valdez now own a Tattoo and Piercing Business in her town Manaoag, Pangasinan.

In her Artist life in tam-Awan, she started painting with a little idea about the mediums she used for the first time but it turned out the character she built in her first painting to be exhibited will be her life-long company and identity in art, the “Miss Felicity” painting. A monochromatic painting with a heart tied in yellow balloon, it is dedicated to the female that are sexually assaulted in anyways and depicts their mental state, desire and emotions. After years of exploring painting, she stated to herself that she will dedicate her works with human mental health, specially those who needs to be understood, to be heard, and to be seen by the world. She wants to be their visual representative through her art.

Shows & Awards


WOMEN’S MONTH Tam-awan Village
MARCH 2019
BAGONG SIBOL Tam-awan Village
JUNE 2019
Tam-awan Festival SM Baguio, Lower Basement
MAY 2019
NARPUAN SM Baguio, Lower Basement
JULY 2019
GUNAM-GUNAM Tam-awan Village
YEAR OF THE METAL OX Tam-awan Village