About Me

Mia Ferl “Pa Nim Dim” Salvador

Body Piercer, Visual & Handpoke Tattoo Artist


When she was younger, she started painting female portraits with watercolour while in elementary because she was inspired by her aunt’s beautiful landscape paintings that she saw, her art journey started there until it became her life.

Pa Nim Dim is a Junior College student at Tarlac State University, her Artworks are from black and white to colorful surrealist in painting.

Pa Nim Dim started painting with a little idea about the mediums she used for the first time and it turned out the character that she built in her very first painting that have been exhibited will be her life-long company and identity in art, the “Miss Felicity” painting. A monochromatic and female body figure painting and above it is a heart tied in yellow balloon, it is dedicated to the female that assaulted in anyways and depicts their mental health, especially to those who needs to be understood, to be heard, and to be seen by the world. She wants to be their representative through her art. That’s where her artist’s name “Pa Nim Dim” came from.

The desire of being a visual representative f an artist for the people is a usual description of many artists but it is actually one of the reasons why we do art. Her artworks have been evolved from black, yellow and red to every colour she feels to use. She goes exploring the coloured realistic and surreal world of art. Miss felicity as her trademark wil always be in her art now, except for the first coloured ocean series and other black, red and yellow works that she made back 2020.

Pa Nim Dim’s current project, exhibited just recently in Tam-awan Village last March 19, 2022 entitled as “Mitig” for the women’s month (“Perfectly Flawed”). The artwork has a lot to say about what she felt the day she created it, “Mitig” is a deep tagalog word that means feeling numb. Despite of the little and other painful meaning in her recent work, the artwork have pastel colours, it means that even in numbness she still feels calm, comfortable and quiet that depicts her rest after feeling dark or just getting used to numbness.

Shows & Awards

PAGBUKLOD: 1st Annual TSU Art Exhibit Diwa ng Tarlac
April 2022
Dayo 2 and Friends Pugad ni Art Studio, Baguio City
April 2022
Art in the Park (Online) Cevio Art Haus
April 2022
PAGBAHAGI: Art for a cause Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
April 2022
Dayo and Friends Pugad ni Art Studio, Baguio City
March 2022
Perfecly Flawed: Women’s Month Show Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
March 2022
Crossroads Cevio Art Haus, Pasig City
January 2022
Pasasalamat Cevio Art Haus, Pasig City
December 2021
Saltik Nuzen Art Gallery, Tagaytay
September 2021
Year of the Metal Ox Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
February 2021
Gunam-gunam Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
September 2020
Narpuan Lower Basement, SM Baguio
July 2019
Tam-awan Festival Lower Basement, SM Baguio
Bagong Sibol Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
June 2019
Women’s Month Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
March 2019