About Me

Randy J. Nimer

Photographer and Visual Artist


I just want to travel, take pictures, drink beer or coffee and be happy.

Taking pictures for me is looking with the heart to see something which is invisible. No matter the subject is, the emotion felt is all that matters.

Originally from Pozorrubio, Pangasinan where he has a studio and clinic. Nimer’s art flourished in the City, making him a part of the roster of talent, Tam-awan Village harnesses.

The eye of Nimer is dedicated to finding the perfect angles and scenes to put into his canvas of art for the audience to appreciate. Classic scenes came from his lenses transported into a canvas of beauty, art and culture.

“Sometimes, when looking at art, asking too many questions only to be a distraction. So i don’t explain my work to anyone, i simply ask people to view and see how it makes them feel.” – Ran 


Shows & Awards