About Me

Sirk Dueda

Visual Artist


Sirk employs the use of symbols, graphic images, vintage photographs and provocative words in his maximalist collages. His works are peppered with social issues, personal troubles, disturbed psyche, and soft porn. His images are composed of ambiguity, word play, and double meanings. The brightly colored graphics of commercial images and icons insinuate his contempt and disgust at the ills of society. (Fatima Erasmo)

Sirk is a visual artist, tattoo artist and a designer influenced by conceptual art. He took up product design at Technological University of the Philippines (Fine Arts standards of academic process. And though he wasn’t able to finish his course, His drive in   perusing his art life did not stop from there. With his passion to draw since he was young, he continued learning through self-study by visiting art galleries, joining workshops, symposium and other art activities. It has helped him a lot with the expansion of his ideas, concepts, principles and different visions of art.

 In 1995, He met Bobby Balingit, (the Wuds) and Lirio Salvador (Intermedia / Elemento), both art enthusiasts, who held an exhibit at Centro Escolar University entitled “Society in Conflict “, an audio- visual art performance. He took part of expressing his works through paintings with the help of this event.

 He also joined the band “Elemento” on 1999, founded by Lirio Salvador. Elemento is a sound art experimental avant-garde band. He played the “baby sandata”, a violin. Their instruments are made out of scrap metals, PVC tube pipes, bicycle parts and other found objects- very creative indeed.

 Sirk joined an art group show at Surrounded by waters Art Space Gallery (Ortigas City), the show was entitled “ Pangunahing Udyok” ( Primal Urge on 2000 ). He shared his ideas by creating mixed media works “Who Controls your Mind? “ He joined the second art Group show “ Pangunahing Udyok” at Botanical Garden, and participated in the Art Summit in Baguio City on 2001.

When he left the band on 2003, He joined PHILTAG “Philippine Tattoo Arts Guild” and perused his passion in the art of tattooing. He is still active in joining art exhibits in and outside Baguio up to the present.

Shows & Awards

12 x 18 November 6, 2021

KAWAL-AN (EMPTINESS) November 28, 2015. Kawal-an- may mean feeling of emptiness; emptiness of space and so forth; a prisoner of any life’s circumstances.  It is a conceptualized art out of blank and empty boxed type plywood where viewers see nothing but the natural lines curves and colour of the plywood, it is up to them what they can see and feel from it.  “Art you got it or not”?!


August 7 2021Aus Liebe Zum Automobil
For the Love of Car
Campfolkswagen, Longlong Rd, Baguio City
Dec 4 2020 10th Tam-awan Art Festival
Tam-awan Village
Nov 20 2019 Lahing Makulay Expo
Teacher’s Camp Baguio City
Oct 13 2019 New.S.Feed
Tam-awan Village
Oct 1, 2019 Another Day
R Gallery, Quezon City, MM
Feb 9 2019 Ibagtit
Luisa’s Cafe, Session Rd., Baguio City
2019 Apunan
Teacher’s Camp Baguio City
Aug 18, 2018 Ramdam: A Three Man Show
VOCAS, 5th Flr. Azotea Bldg., Baguio City
Nov 5 2016 Social Distortion: A Three Man Show
VOCAS, 5th Flr. Azotea Bldg., Baguio City
March 2 2016 An Art Exhibit
Katipunan Resto Bar, Baguio City
Oct 2015 Market Resistance
Baguio City
July 2015 Market Resistance
PWU, Taf. Ave.Manila
May 30 2015 D 1st More International Katipunan Exhibitionist:
Katipunan Resto Bar, Baguio City
April 25 2015 unEarth
Altromondo Gallery, Makati City
Sep 21 2014 Baguio Pinest
VOCAS, 5th Flr. Azotea Bldg., Baguio City
May 10 2014 Mangagawa
Baguio Museum
2013 Katipunan Dog Show
Katipunan Resto Bar, Baguio City
May 2013 Kabsat: Sining at Musika Pinag-isa
Kikan Resto Bar, Gov. Pac., Baguio City
2012 Collab
2011 Baguio Day
VOCAS, 5th Flr. Azotea Bldg., Baguio City
  Styro Art
Makati City
  AXIS ART PROJECT: An Accident waiting to happen
Baguio City
2001 Baguio Art Summit
Botanical Garden, Baguio City
  Pangunahing Udyok
Botanical Garden, Baguio City
2000 Pangunahing Udyok
Artist Space Gallery Ortigas