About Me

Luisa Galang

Performance and Visual Artist


Luisa’s images depicts whimsical and fleeting realities, showing how impermanence a lasting impact

A self-taught visual and performance artist.

Luisa is eternally inspired by events – seen and heard trigger a transfiguration “When I try to paint I try to look at my subjects from different perspectives, also from others standpoint as this helps me to have a deeper understanding on what inspires me.”

Luisa is also a poet, translating into the spoken words, her thoughts and creations on canvas.

Shows & Awards


4th Tam-awan International Arts Festival
Tam-awan Village
Baguio City
May 15-19, 2013

Rizal Day Art Exhibit
VOCAS 2 Assumption Rd.
Baguio City
December 2012- present

Nostalgia Art Exhibit
Blot Art Studio
Makati City
December 15, 2012

Ambisyosa Art Exhibit
Tam-awan Village,
Baguio City
August 11, 2012

WAPAAK! 2 LipadEba! Lipad!
(Women’s Artistic Production and Action Kickstarter 2)
VOCAS Session Rd.
Baguio City
March 30- April 27, 2012

(Women’s Artistic Production and Action Kickstarter !)
VOCAS Session Rd.
Baguio City
August 7- 30, 2011