About Me

Marlyn de Lazo Bulayo

Visual Artist


Cordilleran portraits and scenery mark the work of Marlyn in tribute to the gentle beauty of the highlands.

Igorots in everyday life define the works, taking you back to familiar scenes and iconic portraits.

Highland images set in a seeming dreamlike motion denote recollections of the past which haunt the artist.

Vivid childhood memories inspire Marlyn to create soulful masterpieces rich in meaning and sentiment.

Somber portraits cast in powerful shades of red contrast the idlycic browns and greys in the backdrop
using a mix of acrylic, ink in mixed media.

Artist Profile

Marlyn was born and raised in the Mountain City of Baguio.

She grew up with memories at the public market with local women carrying water pails atop thier heads for delivery to nearby homes.

Scenes of trade at the market with elders transacting with merchants is etched in her memory.

Marlyn recalls how elders shy from the cameras when pictures are in order casting serious looks but in reality, thier smiles are ready to greet and comfort.

The contrast of temperament in the Cordilleras is seen in the work of Marlyn giving a peek at the guarded beauty of the mountain haven.

-Malen Catajan