“Kulto”, a play of words from “Kullaaw”, which means owl, and “together”. Kullaaw is also  a team of devoted visual artists sharing a common vision that promotes unrevealed talent hence being cult-like. “Kullaaw” is considered as a symbol of intuition, wisdom and the supernatural. Owls as nocturnal creatures reflect the team’s diligence, dedication and flexibility while maintaining the intensity of creativity.

        Kullaaw was formed in 2020 amidst the covid pandemic thus the team of Kullaaw’s fortitude was honed because of what restrictions the world faced. The team became more innovative operating as illustrators and employees to their respective day jobs despite the setbacks from the past 2 years.  

        Although the artists of Kullaaw share the same perception, their individual signature art styles and media are radically different from one another therefore the exhibit showcases a diverse collection of paintings, digital illustrations, inked drawings and photography  

        The exhibit’s theme is not limited to a single and certain topic. A representation of fantasy, horror, a journey to the past months of what the people encountered and endured, a voyage to the unknown, nostalgia and Kullaaw’s perception of the mass and our environment.

Kulto is an opportunity for Kullaaw’s artists to amplify their voices in the field of visual arts and illustrations