It’s normal, things get misplaced and words get misused. The words, “crazy” or “baliw” are often either misused or overused, let alone the word, “depression.” We sometimes say we are depressed when we’re just sad. We call others crazy out of context and when you finally get diagnosed by a shrink, you try to hide it because other people would tell you to snap out of it and get on with your life. Other times, it’s the closest people in your life who would dismiss your condition and would feel ashamed of you if you have a mental disorder.
It’s in the corners of cafés, bookstores, and marketplaces, the shame, the guilt, and conditions that folks try to hide. It has often been a taboo to talk about it and it’s probably normal in our society, but let’s stop normalizing these ways, practices, and words. 
Depression is not a choice.  So is anxiety, mental illness, and other mental disorders. You can’t just snap out of it. Let’s help break the stigma about mental disorders. The more we talk about it and make art about it, the more we can raise awareness. Join us as different Baguio artists would voice out their thoughts and express themselves through different art mediums.
 Let’s break the stigma.