Rm. 74

Rm. 74 is an alternative art incubator for visual, sound and performance artists that offers artist residency programs.  Run by an artist collective of socially-engaged artists and artist-photographers that explore a sprawling range of subjects and media territories.

We showcase multi-media installations, video, performances, and any media where almost always photography and digital media can be integrated. It aims to conflate play and praxis, even activism, to produce work of arts through various participatory models.

Tomas Leonor

Tomas Leonor is one of the seven recognized filipinos in the Pitong Pinoy of Yahoo Philippines. He is the founder and organizer of Step Juan, an expedition which aims to raise funds for children with cancer. He was the former curator of Kanto, an artist-run space. He graduated at the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a degree in Fine arts. His art practice centers around community exchanges and his projects are usually collaborative.

Leah Valle
Leah Valle is an artist and a visual ethnographer from Southern Mindanao, Philippines.
Her main medium is photography.  She has a background in cultural theater and loves to execute public intervention art performances.  She is also the founding artist of Rm. 74, an alternative creative incubator that started  in Davao City.  She has a degree in Philosophy from Ateneo de Davao University and she earned her Masters in Arts in Photography at Savannah College of Arts and Design.   She is also involved in various women empowerment projects in the Philippines and abroad.

Title: Automatism in Key of G
Year: 2020

Size: 35cm x 28cm

Medium: mixed media on reclaimed canvass

Price: P7,500

Title: In Limbo
Year: 2015
Medium: Photography