Nihad Aliyev

Me Nihad Aliyev, was born in 25th of august of 1986 year in Geychay district of Azerbaijan Republic. In 1992 year, I have graduated the secondary school number 3 of Geychay named after Ziya Bunyatov. After the graduating of secondary school, I entered to Azerbaijan State Economic University, to speciality Information Technologies in World Economy. I have graduated university in 2007 an got higher economic education. I have knowledges of economy and computer programs. I work a teacher of computer programs.
I have started to draw then, when i was 4 years old. At that time, i was drawing animals and birds. After five years, when i was 9 years old, i have begun to draw portraits from photos and natures. When I was school boy, my dream was to be an artist. And i have decided to get an education of art in one of art university. But my parents dreams was another. They have wanted my getting another education. After the finishing of school, in 2003 year, i entered in speciality Information Technologies in World Economy of Azerbaijan State Economic University. I have graduation university in 2007 year. I have a higher economic education. But today art is my life. I live in this life for art. I am a portraitist. Drawing portraits is my life. I draw portraits, portraits on a base of composition and paintings to historical teams. The importance of my drawing portraits of famous persons and paintings to historical teams – today’s and futures generations, must get knowledge about of those famous persons and about of those historical facts.
I have got great successes from republic and international exhibitions in Azerbaijan Republic and from the international exhibitions in foreign countries. I was awarded diplomas, certificates of honors, certificates and prizes.
I was awarded badge “Ilhamli Azerbaijan” and medal “Khari-Bulbul” by Caucasus Media Public Union.
In 2020 year, I was awarded the title of Professional Artist of the Year by the Azerbaijan Project “Caspian Awards 2020”
In 2021, I was awarded prize Diamonds of Turkey Awards by the Azerbaijan Project “Diamonds of Turkey Awards 2021”
İn 2021 year, for my successful work in art I was awarded media award “Human of the Year”
By the decision of the Presidium of the Trade Union of Azerbaijani Mass Media.
My language skills: Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, English, French, German, Swedish and Spanish.
In March of 2021, my art was evaluated by World Peace Mission and Human Rights Academy and was sent me the certificate. Also was sent me the certificate of ambassador of peace for participating in World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights.