Mhelanio Harvin Aguibitin

21 years old
Born in Makati City, Manila
Raised in Baguio City, Benguet.

The artist has been fond of art since elementary. He started with realism, drawing cartoon characters and sketching landscapes. The artist then wanted to explore more art mediums, from color pencils to watercolors to acrylic. Around senior high school, he yearned to deviate from the usual art techniques and be known for a new, fresh and unique art style. Hence, the artist has been exploring unusual art mediums. Currently, he is fond of glow-in-the-dark paint since it goes well with his line art style (dead trees). Plus, the painting will still be visible at night. There is a different satisfaction seeing the colors change when the lights turn off. He is also fond of the gold leaves since it adds a new aesthetic. It makes the painting modern and gets more attention. The amateur artist is soon to be a professional and an Aesthetics and Art University professor.