CJ Trinidad

CJ Trinidad is a local visual artist from Bulakan, Bulacan whose passion for art inspired him to expand his canvas onto wearable items. He joined an art group from Malolos, Bulacan way back 2010 who called themselves as “Bahaghari ng Malolos”, there; full training helped and molded him to be a full time visual artist that he is right now. And be part in many art exhibition from then. 
He has also joined and accomplished awards in different competitions.
He has strayed from his passion for years, but, because of the support and encouragement of a special person, he went back to what he does best, arts! Which resulted to the birth of Shoes Ginoo, his successful business, customizing shoes, caps and bags.


The artist of the artwork “MASKCOMMUNICATION” that has been a trend world wide.

Everyone is truly inspired by his unique style and attention to intricate details, along with his refreshing takes on some of our favorite designs and collaborations.
The WIP Caps, #WIPheads, featured the young artist who have their caps customized completely trust him with the creative process and are proud to showcase their hand caps with the rest of their collections.
The Angelus, a most trusted brand of leather acrylic paint, gives an Acknowledgement to him as the “Artist of the Month” for several months starting 2017 and features some of his works. And became one of the sponsored artist of angelus.

CJ reminds us that art and design are ever-evolving mediums for self-expression and changing perspectives in this world.