Key Achievements
ARTipolo Group won the second prize in the 2014 Art Competition organized by Resorts World Manila, with its design that employed elements of Philippine fiestas in embellishing a Philippine jeepney, according to the theme prescribed by the competition.

A jeepney model on permanent exhibited at the Quezon City Experience Museum, was decorated by Artipolo artists as a commissioned work in 2015.

ARTipolo member Michael Briquillo was awarded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 2015, as one of 10 winning artists, for his entry in the NCCA National Competition to depict folklore heroes.

About 50 life-size monsters of Philippine mythology were created from wood, wire and
papier-mache by ARtipolo artists, for the 2015 Halloween display at Lores Plaza in Antipolo City, which was featured by Jessica Soho in her news magazine program for GMA 7 Television network.

Paintings by ARTipolo artists Dyna Quizon Ondoy, June Tagaro, and Michael Briquillo, have been selected by Hallmark Philippins, Inc., for use in their 2016 calendar and souvenir merchandise.

ARTipolo Group won the 1 st prize of Php 100,000.00 in the Halloween Costume Party of the Pinto Art Museum in October 2019, in celebration of the completion of the project Flore Para Los Muertos by artists from several artist groups including ARTipolo Group In December 2019, ARTipolo member Jon Albert Rico received from the Department of the Education, the award has Best Graphic Designer in the Kindergarten Category, or his entry “Ang Paborito Kong Hugis” in the 2019 National Competition on the Story Book Writing.

ARTipolo member Liana Mariz Mesina won the Php 50,000.00 1 st prize in the tagline contest Arboles Para Los Muertos of Pinto Art Museum in October 2020

Twelve Artist of ARTipolo Group completed in early 2021 a Mural for the lobby of the office building of 1Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines

ARTipolo member Jenella Medina, representing the Antipolo City, won The Choice Award in the Pinoy Pride Mask Contest Rizal Edition organized by Pera Asia, Inc. in early 2021

Over 100 group and solo exhibits of ARTipolo members have been held in various prestigious venues since 2014 and until the present.
Recent exhibits include The HeArt Beat Exhibit at Café Lupe in February to April 2020 for the benefit of the Save the Children; Cartwheel Exhibit at R Gallery in March 2020, and Fund-Raising online auction of the Philippine Bar Association in December 2020


The Founding of ARTipolo Group, Inc.

ARTipolo Group was founded in 2014, by 14 founding members living in Antipolo City, Rizal Province, including the current President Leopoldo A. Mesina, Jr.
The name ARTipolo was coined as a combination of their city’s name Antipolo, and the name of the Tipolo tree from which the city’s name is derived. The logo of ARTipolo, designed by member Jayson Tejada, is a tipolo leaf in various colors.

ARTipolo’s advisers include master painters Fernando Sena and Elmer Borlongan; and Manila Times writer Ms. Margie Logarta.

ARTipolo’s original aims were to promote Antipolo City as a cradle for the development and collaboration of its many talented artists; and to enhance the City’s attractiveness as a tourist destination, with creative elements affording unique experiences to visitors.

The Antipolo City Government has since then designated ARTipolo Group, Inc., as the primary artist group tasked to promote the City’s tourism program. Accordingly, ARTipolo Group has helped the Antipolo City Government to organize and administer annual art competitions on the occasion of art month in February.

Broadening of Advocacy
Eventually registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit organization, ARTipolo Group, Inc., now into its fifth year of operation, has broadened its advocacy, to cover not only the development of young artists under the guidance of more advanced artists and masters, but also the advancement of health and education among children, women, and persons with disabilities and special needs.

Expansion of Membership
Membership has been expanded to include, not only artists living in Antipolo City and the other localities of Rizal Province, but also artists residing in other Philippine cities and in foreign capitals. The current membership includes Filipino artists employed in other jobs in foreign locations such as Japan, People’s Republic of China, the United States, Canada, Austria, and the Middle East, who participate in ARTipolo’s group exhibits in various venues, by sending their paintings to the Philippines through parcel services. Guest artists are also invited from time to time to join ARTipolo’s group exhibits, to assist the said artists in their efforts to start exhibiting their works, while not yet part of any artist organization.

Partnership With Civic and Health Organizations

ARTipolo Group has organized fund-raising art exhibits in partnership with civic and health organizations such as (1) the Haemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service (Haplos); (2) Soroptimist International Club of the Philippines; (3) Philippine Cancer Society; (4) The AFP Medical Center; (5) Tulay Ng Kabataan; (6) Autism Society Philippines-Antipolo City Chapter; (7) Rotary Club; (8) Knights of Columbus-Antipolo City Chapter; (9) Familia (a Christian organization committed to counselling and other forms of support to families); (10) Save the Children; and (11) Philippine Bar Association. ARTipolo has been donating agreed percentages of all sales proceeds from specific art exhibits, for the programs of partner organizations, which, for their part, have helped to promote the art exhibits.


Key Programs

Lecture Series Program
ARTipolo Group has a lecture series program, where art Masters are invited to conduct lectures and demonstartions for ARTipolo members. Social realism pioneers Renato Habulan and Biboy Delotavo; and Emmanuel Garibay, Elmer Borlongan, Fred Liongoren, Jayson Moss, and Othoniel Neri, are among those who have mentored ARTipolo members in our lecture series.

Athletics With Other Artists
ARTipolo Group has also cooperated with other artist groups in the holding of the annual ARTletics, a national sports event for artists, which promotes camaraderie; thefurther development of creative skills; and artistic collaborations.

Collaborations With Other Artist Groups
ARTipolo has collaborated with other artist groups, such as Freedom Art Society, United Artists Association of the Philippines, Tam-awan Village artists, and Pakalye Group of Artists of Baguio City, in joint art activities and exhibits.

In October 2019, ARTipolo artists worked with several artist groups, as coordinated by the Pinto Museum, to beautify the perimeter walls of the South Cemetery with a day-long painting activity in the project Flores Para Los Muertos with the sponsorship of Davies Paints on the request of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno.