Amihan de Sosa

Amihan de Sosa is a visual artist, art educator, author, and cultural worker. She’s a degree holder of Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts from University of Santo Tomas, Manila where she also taught art subjects for three years. Her artworks focus on the themes of indigenous people’s contemporary issues, gender equality, and socio-political issues in Philippine society. Some of her works have been exhibited in the galleries and museums in Manila, and she was also part of an art group exhibit in London, United Kingdom, last 2019. Amihan has also produced an art book entitled: “Creating Pathways for Art Studies and Regional Representations” that highlights the Philippines’ visual art and contemporary artists. At present, she’s pursuing higher education at the University of the Philippines to further her academic involvement while continuing her active participation in the art scene as one of the founding members of the Balangay Artists Association.