La Union


AGLAUN Visual Artist Group Brief  History

The group was founded in the year 1995 through the leadership of Dr. Nathaniel V. Rimando and  Rodel Rillera in a launching art exhibit in the former Museo de Iloco. It was formally organized in 1997 composed of visual artists in paintings, sculptures and photography. It was originally known as Artists Guild of La Union.  In the year 2001 it was headed by the late Dir. Edwin Joseph V. Edralin, DFA. It was a term of success with several major exhibits until he passed away in year 2012.

It was reorganized on September 8, 2012 and Rodel Rillera was appointed as the leader of the group. This was in conjunction with the launching exhibit of Silid ti Adal Ken Laing Gallery (Culture and Arts Gallery) in San Fernando City, La Union with the objective of uniting local artists and showcasing their talents and rich culture. And now becomes the home of AGLAUN and local independent artists.

On May 2013 the group was invited to an art exhibit event through the initiative of Dr. Brenda M. Espinosa and it became a benchmark for the younger and active artists. The exhibit was a success and now became a model for future events in fundraising for a cause.

Today we have 15 active members with the guidance of the senior members who are still actively participates in contests, art exhibits and coaching of the younger artists. As part of their long term objectives, they are opening their doors in accommodating organizers who wants to raise funds for their projects and beneficiaries as to share the group’s talents in supporting different groups.


CESAR DUMO also known as CIANO was born in 1975 in Bauang, La Union. He took up B.S. Architecture in Saint Louis College (SLC) in 1998 and currently full time artist while being a businessman.

Cesar’s current body of work are bold, dark with heightened sense of social realism juxtaposed with sporadic marks making a non-representational form.

His body of work presents his perception about environmental and social issues.


JEROME BARBADILLO is a visual artist residing in Bauang, La Union, Philippines. He is a self taught artist. He graduated in Saint Louis College with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce major in Management year 1999. He worked as a salesman for 7 years and had a chance to work abroad for 3 years. He started painting in 2011 to present and participate in local exhibits and competitions. He is fascinated with natural details of portraits, landscapes and flowers. In 2016 he started exploring abstract painting using fluid movement of acrylics on canvas and tried to incorporate it in his traditional portrait paintings.

Today, he is full time working in a local development company and partly working on art commissions and art tutorials.


Joanne “JOYAN” Cariaso-Gacayan was raised amidst the scenic seas and hills of La Union, honing her artistry at an early age together with her siblings and cousins. She took up Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila and graduated with Honors. She immediately pursued a demanding career in Graphics, Visual Merchandising and Events, which consequently set her paint brushes aside.
The past 2 years were a rediscovery of her love for painting, and a complete paradigm shift on working with watercolor. She is currently excited to complete a body of work expressed in a narrative-impressionism style portraying the rich culture of her Ilocano roots.
2021 marks leveling up her game by joining exhibits locally and abroad. The very first was at Philippine Guild of Watercolorists’ Kwento at Kulay Exhibit where she earned a spot among the 30 Best Works. Her paintings were also exhibited in Serbia, Ukraine, Malaysia, South Korea, Italy, and won awards in Singapore and France. She also joined the roster of well sought-after artists at Genesis Gallery’s 33rd Kulay sa Tubig.
Joyan is currently a member of the Artists Guild of La Union (AGLAUN) and is the incumbent VP for Local Experiences of the Philippine Guild of Watercolorists’ (PGW), internationally known as International Watercolor Society (IWS) – Philippines. She was the Over-All Committee Chairman of the recently concluded month-long PGW 4th National Watercolor Convention 2021.



JUNJUN YEE, his nickname, was born on the 24th of January 1986 in Aparri, Cagayan. He grew up and spent his teenage life in San Fernando City, La Union. He studied his college years in Saint Louis University, Baguio City and became a Registered Medical Laboratory Scientist. Due to a lot of curiosity in a lot of things he didn’t pursue to become a doctor but rather he studied different ideas such as Philosophies, Art, Religions, Spirituality, Environment, History, Literature, Politics, Finance and Investments, Chinese Metaphysics and other more.

Art was a part of him even he was still young. He loves to draw at the back of his notebooks, painting and going to museums. He also loves collecting valuables like stamps, coins and art pieces. On the process of collecting art pieces, he met and become friends with Rodel Rillera and other visual artists who became his mentors and inspirations. Later on he was invited to join the Artist Guild of La Union (AGLAUN) were he became active in a lot of art exhibits and guild missions to teach the importance of art in the different community of La Union.


RICARTE ICO, born and raised in San Marcelino, Zambales, and now based in Bauang, La Union, Ricarte’s fascination with drawing started as early as preschool age. He earned a Bachelors of Arts and Certificate in Teaching, and took up units in Architecture. He learned the basics of painting from his fellow artists and developed his skills further through self-study. Knowing the rudiments of architectural drafting naturally led Ricarte to explore the possibilities of integrating fine art and architecture in his paintings. Ricarte had already won four first prizes and one second prize in six on-the-spot competitions he joined. He had exhibited works in various venues in San Fernando City (La Union), Dagupan City, Baguio City, and Metro Manila. Ricarte was a former Artist-Ilustrator II of DepED, Regional Office I.


RODEL RILLERA studied Painting at the University of the East, Caloocan, Manila. At this niche, he bagged several awards from various art competitions. He was awarded 3rd prize in the 2011 GSIS Art Competition (Sculpture category), Grand Prize in the 2004 57th AAP annual Art Competition (Sculpture Category), two time jurors choice in 1997 and 1998 Philippine Art Awards, 3rd prize 2018 GSIS Art Competition (Non Representational Category), 2nd prize GSIS Art Competition 2019 (Multi Media Category). He was elected President of the Artist Guild of La Union from 1998-2000. He had been in 70 group exhibits held in various parts of the Philippines and abroad, to date. He had nine One-man show exhibits in various parts of Philippines. He was a finalist in the 2012 Annual Painting Contest (Non-Representative Category) of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and an honoroble mention in the latest GSIS Art Competition 2021. Rodel is a resident of San Fernando city, La Union where he was born on January 9, 1960.


NIÑO ANCHETA MEDINA is a simple and ordinary man with many complex and extraordinary talents. This Virgo was born in the “Surfing Capital of the North”, San Juan, La Union. He is a public school teacher at San Juan Senior High School-Stand Alone in his hometown. He spends his free time tending to his bonsais,  writing poetry and inking tattoos. He also serves as the frontman of La Union’s legendary death metal bands Nephente and Sementerio.

 Every now and then, he holds his brush and paints surrealistic paintings depicting  famous Philippine landmarks infused with pop icons and historical figures in awe inspiring and  thought provoking masterpieces. 

He instills in his artworks the feeling of nostalgia and  appreciation of our glorious noble past . He also shows through his artworks the need of preserving our cultural identity and  our great heritage. He challenges the viewers to recall the lessons taught by our past and weigh the importance and influence of the personalities and pop images incorporated in his paintings. He also tries to campaign for the protection of our heritage sites, of our natural resources and of our endangered species.Through his obras, he also invites the viewer to experience a surreal visual joyride down memory lane while inculcating the values of appreciation and preservation of our heritage ,  protection of our present environment and the active participation for the  betterment of our future.