About Me

Francis Alingcayon

Visual Artist


)Born and raised in Baguio City, in the cold and mountainous part of Northern Philippines. As he started way back 2016 as a self-taught artist he began to experiment and explore various forms and colors arranging all the concepts and putting them all together to fit inside the canvas. He’s been working with acrylic and ink and is still exploring his style in mixed media by painting surreal patterns of infinite boxes which he describes as a being-thinking outside the box; to see life from a different perspective without being caged; a thought or idea to get out and discover life’s possibilities. His playful use of whimsical images by combining 3D and 2D shapes helps him achieve a dynamic and natural composition.

He aims to be playful in mind at the same time being conscious of the theme and defining it directly in the canvas that directs him to an evolution of beauty and mystery.

He has undergone apprenticeship from 2017 – 2020 under his mentor Mr. Art Lozano of Tam-awan Village, a visual artist and a silent environmental activist who is based in Baguio City. His apprenticeship included mundane tasks like cleaning the studio, stretching and priming the canvas and hauling heavy paintings and other materials delivered to various galleries in Manila. Art Lozano influenced him to be a hardworking artist – a routine that pushed him to develop his own style. These, he humbly did without a salary in exchange as a learning experience, that will be invaluable to his journey-one that holds deep significance as an artist up to this day.

Patience and persistence of continuing and creating different kinds of concept, imitating the patterns and forms while he observes the subjects and its behavior from the environment and adapting it as he learned to manifest all these, as he processes and translates it visually in his paintings. ( Erlyn Ruth Alcantara )

 His art primarily focuses on themes of surrealism intending to explore subjects that pertains to dreams, consciousness and our human imagination to know what is inside our mind as human. Francis’ artworks were deeply rooted in the psychological narrative of an individual undergoing mental torment and existential issues as a social phenomenon that is being experienced by most individuals unable to fit into the norm of society in our modern world. His artworks does not only involve those with mental problems but also wants to address it to individuals to let them dig more deeply and connecting their selves interpersonally which can help them transcend their suffering and daily issues in life as a process of self-exploration and self-actualization. His aim is to create a different dimension – mirroring the subconscious state of society. Transmitting ideas which might draw people into a different kind of world to help them realize who they really are in their own world. 

Shows & Awards

Group Show
2016 “SILIP” exhibit at Fred’s Gallery (July 5, 2016)
2017 “Tribute to Dave Baradas exhibit” at Cafe by the Ruins (March 24,2017)
  “Art for everyone” at Sm Gallery Baguio ( August 23,2017)
2018 “Bagong Taon, Bagong Pag-asa, para sa Bagong MARAWI” fundraising art exhibit. At A Space (January 30, 2018)
  “Misty” at Arte Pintura Gallery (June 29,2018)
  “Tam-awan @20”  at Ayala Museum artist space (May,1,2018)  
  “Ars Longa ,Vita Brevis” at SSS Gallery (September,6,2018)
  “Continuum” at Sining kamalig Gallery (September,29,2018)
  “Convergence” 2 at Artologist Gallery (September,15,2018)
  “Tuhog “ @Arte Pintura Gallery (December ,2,2018)
  “#artmerge” at art Anton Gallery (December,8,2018 )
2019 “Promises” at R Gallery (January , 11, 2019 )
  “Year of the Earth” pig at Tam-awan Village Gallery (January, 12,2019)
  “If not now when”at R Gallery( February 12,2019 )
  “Bin-nadang di a kordileyera” at Ayala Museum Artist Space (March 22,2019)
  “Unseen“ (2 man show) at R Gallery (March 31,2019)
  “Panawen” (season) at Ugnayan Gallery (April 13,2019)
  “Calculated Risk” at  COLLECTORS XCHANGE-CXE (June 1,2019)
  “Bagong Sibol” at Tam-awan Gallery (june 8,2019)
  “Invitation to Understanding” at  R Gallery (June25,2019)
  “TANDORO” at Eskinita Gallery ( August 10,2019)
  “Unnatural 5” at J Studio Gallery  (August 17,2019)
  “Engkwentro sa Labuyo” at  Sining Labuyo Gallery San Pablo, Laguna (September 7 ,2019)
  “ Unbroken” at Gallery of ASPACE  Greenbelt (September 21 ,2019)
  “Another Day” at R Gallery (October 1,2019)
  “Approximation’’ at Arte Pintura Gallery (November 25,2019)
  “Promises 2” at R Gallery (December 15, 2019)
  “Tuhog” at Arte Pintura  Gallery  (December 15, 2019)
2020 “Panag-imbag”at Tam Awan Village Main Gallery (July 18, 2020)
  “Harinuman” at Tam-awan Village Ugnayan Gallery (November 14, 2020)
2021 “Recolligere”at Campfolkswagen Cafe Gallery (June 29, 2021)
  “Art in the Park 2021: Special Edition” at vMEME Contemporary Art Gallery (July 25, 2021)
“Saltik” : Nuzen Art Gallery, Tagaytay City (Sep. 19, 2021)
“Alimuom”: Baguio Convention Center (Nov. 12, 2021)