About Me

Cynthia Dalisdis

Visual Artist


 Cynthia M. Dalisdis officially started her journey as a visual artist in July 2018 with the renowned Tam-Awan Village Artists (TVA) group.

Beforehand, she started making her first artworks in the form of papier-mâché in compliance with her art subjects in college which she really enjoyed. With the joy of doing arts, she began to paint different subjects and tried different mediums. It made her realize that she can do something more than school art projects with her passion for the arts until she decided to become a professional artist.

       There are two subjects that Cynthia usually incorporates in her artworks. She likes painting the beautiful world she creates in her imagination as her escape from sad realities in the real world. Creating these paintings makes her feel happy and she likes the thought of sharing this feeling with people. Moreover, she creates artworks inspired by the rich Igorot culture to honor where she came from and to help her Igorot soul grow more.  

Shows & Awards


Year of the Metal Ox Tam-awan Village, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
February 6, 2021
Ibarawid Tam-awan Village, Pinsao Proper, Baguio CIty
October 7, 2020
Gunam-gunam Tampawan Village, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
September 12, 2020
Kaleidoscope Online Art Exhibit: “Color our World” https://www.facebook.com/KaleidoscopeArtExhibit/
July 1, 2020
Women’s Month Celebration: “Be-ei:Being Her” VOCAS, 5th Flr. La Azotea Bldg., Upper Session Rd., Baguio City
March 14, 2020
Year of the Rat Exhibit Tam-awan Village, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City;
January 11, 2020
Ibag-iw Festival Diplomat Heritage, Baguio City
November 2019
Bagong Sibol Tam-awan Village, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City;
June 8, 2019
9th Tam-awan International Arts Festival SM, Upper Session-Gov. Pack Rds., Baguio City;
May 2019
Bin-nadang di Kordilyera ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum Annex, Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park, Makati City;
March 22 – April 7, 2019
Pamana V Vocas, 5th floor,  L’Azotea Bldg., Session Rd., Baguio City;
October 21, 2018
Pagwanawanan Arts Festival Dal-luyon: Cafe & Gallery, San Juan, La Union;
Sept. 8, 2018



Art Tutorial Class 2:
Sponsored by NCCA and LGU-Bacnotan
Acrylic Painting – Main Facilitator

Guinabang Elementary School, Bacnotan, La Union
December 21, 2019